I promote start-ups, small businesses and non-profits online.


Opelika, Alabama is my home. I like it here. There’s a strong sense of community that you don’t find in many places. A sense of wanting to make things better not just for yourself, but for everybody around you as well. My little family has lived here since 2012.  


Hundreds of messages invade our lives every day. Most of them stink. I want to make good content for good people. People that care. Using messages that matter. And that are actually fun.


My faith is my core. My foundation. It’s how the world makes sense. I live for something bigger. Higher. I have freedom. And it’s an adventure daily.


Tomorrow’s world won’t look like today’s. We can either make it better. Or make it worse. We should be responsible with our resources. With our energy. And especially with our lives. And not just our own. We’re blessed with wonderful people all over the world. We should honor them. And learn from them.


Love | Travel | Family | Sustainability | Gardening | Creating | Hospitality | Kids | Authenticity | Real Food | Outdoors

What I’m up to these days

Insurance Marketer

I have the privilege of working for one of the greatest men I know, my dad. He runs a small insurance agency, and I get to promote the agency and the heart he has for the people in our community.

Website Builder

I build websites. I mostly work with start-ups and non-profits in and around Opelika and Auburn, Alabama. I believe small companies are the true backbone of our society. I’m also glad to help with marketing where needed.


In addition to weekends, I get to spend a day and a half during the week homeschooling my kids. Sometimes we’re in the books, but we’re usually at dance class, building generators, watching bees make honey or turning boxes into spaceships.

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Let me know if I can help you with anything. Or find me through social media at the bottom of this page.

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